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Over the past three months, the whole world has witnessed a historic David and Goliath standoff. Against all odds, the Hong Kong people are standing up to the powerful, authoritarian regime in Beijing. In this historic battle, they are not only fighting for the democratic future of 7.4 million Hong Kong people, but they also holding the regional and global frontline on preserving human dignity and rights for all people. 

Thirty years after the Tiananmen Massacres, with the help of globalization and West’s abandonment of human rights in exchange for profit, the authoritarian regime gained greater economic power and global political influence by its erosion of international communities. The regime turns the blood and sweat currency of its people to bribe Western politicians.  Internally, the violation of human rights is more oppressive under the rule of President Xi Jinping, than ever before. Externally, this authoritarian regime wages an invisible war on the free world, by intellectual property theft, espionage, corruption, and mutilation of the Western political system.

Huawei is a perfect example of such warfare. Under the guise of a privately owned company, Huawei receives astronomical funding and technical support from the Chinese military.  It also steals technology from other countries, like the US and Korea. It has surpassed Apple as the second largest cell phone producer. But its true ambition is to take over the world’s 5G in the coming years. Once it controls the world 5G’s technology and infrastructure, we will be truly living in George Orwell’s 1984 world, if not worse. To save Huawei, Beijing has imprisoned two Canadian citizens and increased another Canadian citizen’s sentence from 15 years to death.

Huawei is just one company, and there are many like it. They undercut your rights by acting as agents for Beijing. There is absolutely no moral bottom in Beijing. It threatens all humanity and the future. Beijing’s regime has been sheltered by the sovereignty of China, as a legit ruling party of the country. To overthrow this regime, we need your voice and action.

Please join us and support the Chinese people’s struggle to overthrow this authoritarian regime in Beijing, by signing in this website. Your vote will be evidence of your voice to denounce the Chinese Communist Party as a Nazi Party, a common enemy of all people, and therefore, no international communities should recognize its legitimacy.

Please also contact your local representatives to understand their policy on Beijing and let them know what you think. 

I want to be a witness of freedom.

Thanks for submitting!

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