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All Citizens’ Compact

Initiated and written by: Yuan Li

We, the people from mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and everywhere in the world, under witness of all the righteous people in the international community, hereby make this Compact according to the Supreme Laws and Unalienable Rights:

We acknowledge that all the people are born with the power to be independent and not be governed by anyone else, based on which, by our own will, we are establishing a new China formed by autonomous groups that warrant the power of the people.

We hereby make and adhere to the laws that can be revised or abolished based on the need of people’s autonomy. 

We establish a government that satisfies the needs of the people.  We supervise the operation of the government, adjust the formation of the government, disband or re-group the government based on the needs of the people.

We protect people’s right to participate and implement in the above-mentioned process.

Based on the Compact and the common understanding of our people, we consider any government to be illegitimate without open and fair election or true authorization of its people.  At the same time, based on all the historical records of severe violations of human rights, we unanimously find the Chinese Communist Party to be an illegal organization, so are all of its sub-divisional governments including that of Hong Kong, and all levels of the Chinese Communist Party to its entirety, and that all their crimes must be tried and punished.

We willingly submit our toe prints as proof of signing the 《All Citizens’ Compact》, to its full authenticity and validity.

All the Chinese who sign the 《All Citizens’ Compact》and are 18 years old and above are automatically members of the Constitutional Congress of the Chinese People.  We equally share and exercise all rights stipulated in this Compact.

All Citizens’ Compact

全  民  大  契  約



​         我們為此制定法律並保證遵守,並根據人民自治的需要而不時修改直至廢除相關法律;






全民大契约发起人、契约文本写作者: 李塬

全  民  大  契  約
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Expressing appeals with the dictator is tantamount to acknowledging that "you" is a slave under its rule. People who have been persecuted and enslaved by the CCP, if they do not deny the legitimacy of the CCP, the CCP can do evil under the protection of sovereignty. Unite and join the National Pact, denying the legitimacy of the CCP.

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